In China the dragonfly is linked with prosperity, good luck and harmony.
In Japan the Samurai use the dragonfly as a symbol of agility, power and victory.

I consider the dragonfly to be one of nature’s most fascinating insects that I stare at in awe.

I do hope that you find something on this blog that you consider to be awe inspiring.
Other people’s life experiences that we read about or have told to us as a story can inspire us, heal us, give us joy and make us cry or even change the direction of our thought process. Each person’s story can assist us in making sense of the messes within our own lives. I am hoping by sharing,  you find a story that assists you, moves you or gives you a few moments where you can leave the days issues behind you.

This site is named after the dragonfly in hope of victory in achieving my goal through a little harmony and with a lot of good luck. Realisation was added - because I realised it won't hurt to do something nice for a complete stranger.


I originally started this blog to record my goal of giving 365 books to complete strangers within 365 days as a random act of kindness.  At the start I felt that this would be a big project to get going and to complete in the time frame I gave myself.  I am please to say that I have achieved it

The idea of giving away books came as an idea after a couple of incidents over a week.    I am a teacher and I had a child approach me to show me a new book she was given for her birthday.   She was ten and this was the first book she had ever owned which came as a shock to me.   After this incident I asked my class how many of them had their own books or book case at home.    I was surprised by the lack of books that were available in my students homes.  
A visit to my local Op Shop during the week made me realise that I could buy a shopping bag of children's books for $1.      I grabbed a few bags of books and took them back to give to students in my class who were thrilled.      I also watched the movie "Paying It Forward" again over the weekend.    

When I put all of this together I came up with the idea of doing something for others.  I am pleased to report that I sent out 398 books in 177 days.  I am also please to report that ninety percent of these books were children's books.   I just hope that right now somewhere in Australia there is a child reading one of the books I sent travelling and will pass that book onto some-one else when they have finished reading it. 

If you are reading this because you have a travelling book please pay it forward and pass it onto someone else when you have finished enjoying it.   THANK YOU.

Please feel free to still leave any comment here on the blog as I will continue to check in often.  

I am now doing other things to make a small difference in the world and you can read about this at my other blog called Jacana

Thank you for stopping by.

Travelling Book

On this blog is  I send a book out as a "travelling book".  Please see the tab "travelling books" that explains the reason behind this process.
Inside the book is attached a form to put your name and place where you live as a method of tracking where the book has been (such as Fred from Sydney). There is also the link to this blog printed inside the book.
If you end up with one of these travelling books you can leave a comment only if you want to.  Then we can follow where the book has been in Australia or perhaps even the world.   If you would prefer not to leave a comment, but want to tell me something about the book then please see the email address below.  You can remain anonymous.

Please try to forward the book onto someone else (at no cost)  as soon as possible so that the joy of reading is shared with as many people as possible.

Want to be considered for a travelling book- there is no guarantee you will be selected but you can advise me of your request via email at respond011@hotmail.com

Have you received a travelling book ?
How did you come to have it?
How many people have had it before you?
Will you pass it onto someone else?

Let us follow your book on the catch & release page by adding a comment you will be anonymous - no names or details are needed

Double Digits

It feel amazing that I know only have 96 books left to send travelling to reach my goal and 244 days left to do it in.  The countdown has been in triple digits for so long it feels like a great achievement to be in double digits. To know that there are 269 books out there in the world that have or are being read by complete strangers gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

I often think of the stats, such as what if only 20% of the books I have sent travelling get passed on how many people will actually get to read a travelling book?   How many books I have I managed to save from landfill?  Is there a chance that some of the travelling books could end up in landfill?  How much have the local charity shops made from my purchases and has that made a difference to someone who may end up with a travelling book?


I have just recently received a message from someone who has a travelling book.  They have informed me it is off to England.   How wonderful to think that the books are not only making their way to all corners of Australia but now overseas.

Half Way

I am half way there towards completing my goal.   182 books have been given out.

I do hope there are many children out there who have a travelling book in their hands and have spent some of the school holidays enjoying the magical world that a book can take you to.

A Public Place

Inside the books that I send travelling.  I ask people if they could kindly pass on the book to someone else at no charge or leave it in a public place to be found by someone else.

Here are some suggestions of great public places to leave one of the travelling books .......

Doctors waiting room
Seat pocket of the aeroplane
On a seat on the train or bus
Dentists waiting room
On a bench seat outside the library
In a plastic bag to prevent snails eating it and then in someones mail box down the street
In your local caravan parks laundry, computer room or ablution block
On a shelf inside the local supermarket
On a table at the local coffee shop

Any other suggestions are welcomed.

A variety have been sent this week

After the festive season break it is great to be back and to send more books on their travels. A variety has left my possession this week through a friends selling on eBay. So if you have recently purchased something from eBay and have a book in your possession you now know why.

A biography of Dawn French's Life called Dear Fatty. I find her hilarious in The Vicar of Dibley.

Another recipe book is travelling - "Authentic Recipes from Malaysia" - we have just returned from holidays there and the food is amazing.

A couple of good girly fictions - Jodi Picoult and a Maeve Binchy.

I have also sent travelling a book by Tana French called Faithful Place. I must admit I am a little concerned that it will be considered as a horror/murder type story full of gruesome bits.  What is that saying, oh yes, judging a book by it's cover!   However it is actually a great story about a man from a very dysfunctional family and how he left only to find himself returning when his girlfriend that he had planned to leave with turns up dead at the end of the street he grew up in. Good story. Whoever ends up with it, I do hope you give it a go.

Two children's books also left this week.  Saved from landfill, they are ex library books.  A series on horses called Thoroughbred. 

If you have ended up with one of these books I do hope that you enjoy it or can find someone else who can enjoy it.

Cook Book

The Pasta & Italian Cookbook  has now been sent out into the world as a travelling book.  After my neighbour gave me the video Julie and Julia to watch I was inspired to send a cookbook out into the world to be used and shared.
I felt an Italian one would be the perfect selection as the Italians are known for their sharing of meals and this is what I am trying to promote - SHARING WITH STRANGERS.

It was a brand new beautiful book full of great menu ideas and colourful pictures when it left my hands in early December 2011.

Leave a message if it comes your way and let us know what your favourite dish was.

Thank You Students

I would like to thank all the students who have recently taken a travelling book.  

Please don't forget to make sure that your book does not remain on a shelf, share it with someone else.  That person can be a class mate, a friend from another school, your next door neighbour, someone you play sport with or someone from another class.

If you would like to keep track of where a book travels to, then visit the tab marked "catch and release" and hopefully each person will comment on the book they have recently read and where they are from.

Reading expands our thought process and can take us to a wonderful place called imagination.


Found A Teacher

A teacher was found who was willing to have 30 books enter her classroom. It is pleasing to report that the students are actually sharing them among themselves and with their peers in other classrooms in the same year.  Some books have already been read by three and four students.  Children enjoying and reading a book - it doesn't get much better.

UPDATE - travelling books have now gone into 3 classrooms - over 60 students now with a book and reading.

Children's books are now travelling

My thoughts today turned to ebay as I pondered the purchase of a groovy looking pair of pants.  These ebay parcels crisscross the world every day.  I know people who sell items on ebay.  I made a call and I now have my books crisscrossing the country with already purchased ebay items.  I am just wondering how her customers will feel when not only do they get the lipstick they bid on but also a free children's book with a note asking them to find a child who will enjoy it.  Time will tell.


Are there any teachers out there who would be willing to have some children's books of various age groups posted to their class and have their students take on the responsibility of distributing the books, perhaps even after they have been read ???

Please email me.