Travelling Book

On this blog is  I send a book out as a "travelling book".  Please see the tab "travelling books" that explains the reason behind this process.
Inside the book is attached a form to put your name and place where you live as a method of tracking where the book has been (such as Fred from Sydney). There is also the link to this blog printed inside the book.
If you end up with one of these travelling books you can leave a comment only if you want to.  Then we can follow where the book has been in Australia or perhaps even the world.   If you would prefer not to leave a comment, but want to tell me something about the book then please see the email address below.  You can remain anonymous.

Please try to forward the book onto someone else (at no cost)  as soon as possible so that the joy of reading is shared with as many people as possible.

Want to be considered for a travelling book- there is no guarantee you will be selected but you can advise me of your request via email at

Have you received a travelling book ?
How did you come to have it?
How many people have had it before you?
Will you pass it onto someone else?

Let us follow your book on the catch & release page by adding a comment you will be anonymous - no names or details are needed

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