I originally started this blog to record my goal of giving 365 books to complete strangers within 365 days as a random act of kindness.  At the start I felt that this would be a big project to get going and to complete in the time frame I gave myself.  I am please to say that I have achieved it

The idea of giving away books came as an idea after a couple of incidents over a week.    I am a teacher and I had a child approach me to show me a new book she was given for her birthday.   She was ten and this was the first book she had ever owned which came as a shock to me.   After this incident I asked my class how many of them had their own books or book case at home.    I was surprised by the lack of books that were available in my students homes.  
A visit to my local Op Shop during the week made me realise that I could buy a shopping bag of children's books for $1.      I grabbed a few bags of books and took them back to give to students in my class who were thrilled.      I also watched the movie "Paying It Forward" again over the weekend.    

When I put all of this together I came up with the idea of doing something for others.  I am pleased to report that I sent out 398 books in 177 days.  I am also please to report that ninety percent of these books were children's books.   I just hope that right now somewhere in Australia there is a child reading one of the books I sent travelling and will pass that book onto some-one else when they have finished reading it. 

If you are reading this because you have a travelling book please pay it forward and pass it onto someone else when you have finished enjoying it.   THANK YOU.

Please feel free to still leave any comment here on the blog as I will continue to check in often.  

I am now doing other things to make a small difference in the world and you can read about this at my other blog called Jacana

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. I came across this page by looking for images of dragonflies for my niece, and found your story to be uplifting and awe inspiring. We need more People like you, doing more things like you have in this world.
    Thank you for who you are and what you do for others. :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. I agree with Bobbi above! My kids are impressed with the number of books and love your Jacana blog as reading material from another culture. I am also wondering if I could have permission to use your dragonfly/fairy artwork for a fellow teacher's riding business? Thanks again. judy.graham.2009@gmail.com

  3. Good for you. I take all my used book to Friends of the Library who sell them for as little as $1. The proceeds are used to support the libraries on the island of Maui

  4. Any chance you might know where your girl on the dragonfly picture originated? It would mean a great deal to me to find out. Thank you!