Thank You Students

I would like to thank all the students who have recently taken a travelling book.  

Please don't forget to make sure that your book does not remain on a shelf, share it with someone else.  That person can be a class mate, a friend from another school, your next door neighbour, someone you play sport with or someone from another class.

If you would like to keep track of where a book travels to, then visit the tab marked "catch and release" and hopefully each person will comment on the book they have recently read and where they are from.

Reading expands our thought process and can take us to a wonderful place called imagination.


Found A Teacher

A teacher was found who was willing to have 30 books enter her classroom. It is pleasing to report that the students are actually sharing them among themselves and with their peers in other classrooms in the same year.  Some books have already been read by three and four students.  Children enjoying and reading a book - it doesn't get much better.

UPDATE - travelling books have now gone into 3 classrooms - over 60 students now with a book and reading.