In China the dragonfly is linked with prosperity, good luck and harmony.
In Japan the Samurai use the dragonfly as a symbol of agility, power and victory.

I consider the dragonfly to be one of nature’s most fascinating insects that I stare at in awe.

I do hope that you find something on this blog that you consider to be awe inspiring.
Other people’s life experiences that we read about or have told to us as a story can inspire us, heal us, give us joy and make us cry or even change the direction of our thought process. Each person’s story can assist us in making sense of the messes within our own lives. I am hoping by sharing,  you find a story that assists you, moves you or gives you a few moments where you can leave the days issues behind you.

This site is named after the dragonfly in hope of victory in achieving my goal through a little harmony and with a lot of good luck. Realisation was added - because I realised it won't hurt to do something nice for a complete stranger.