A variety have been sent this week

After the festive season break it is great to be back and to send more books on their travels. A variety has left my possession this week through a friends selling on eBay. So if you have recently purchased something from eBay and have a book in your possession you now know why.

A biography of Dawn French's Life called Dear Fatty. I find her hilarious in The Vicar of Dibley.

Another recipe book is travelling - "Authentic Recipes from Malaysia" - we have just returned from holidays there and the food is amazing.

A couple of good girly fictions - Jodi Picoult and a Maeve Binchy.

I have also sent travelling a book by Tana French called Faithful Place. I must admit I am a little concerned that it will be considered as a horror/murder type story full of gruesome bits.  What is that saying, oh yes, judging a book by it's cover!   However it is actually a great story about a man from a very dysfunctional family and how he left only to find himself returning when his girlfriend that he had planned to leave with turns up dead at the end of the street he grew up in. Good story. Whoever ends up with it, I do hope you give it a go.

Two children's books also left this week.  Saved from landfill, they are ex library books.  A series on horses called Thoroughbred. 

If you have ended up with one of these books I do hope that you enjoy it or can find someone else who can enjoy it.

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