Distribution of the books

I now have many books to send out into the world for people to enjoy. However my aim is for the books to end up in the hands of strangers. So now I find myself constantly thinking about methods to get these books distributed.
As "A Friend Like Henry" is my first book and I really wanted to make sure this books does the rounds for at least a year. So I opted to have it read by a girlfriend who is a teacher. I heard from her today and she has completed the book (apparently couldn't put it down). She has written her name in it and ensures me she has forwarded it onto a girlfriend of hers who lives a few hours away. So soon it will be in the hands of a stranger. My girlfriend is also going to help me to get a few other books distributed by posting them to people she knows. Not my perfect solution, but at least it will get a few books out there travelling to begin the process.
Over time posting off books will become expensive and cut into my household budget.  I have purchased however a dozen post packs to assist in getting some books out there and travelling.  Once these post packs are gone they are gone.  So hence the thinking cap went on today about how to distribute these books. After all my aim is for there to be no cost to anybody, so I don't want to be requesting friends to post books on to someone else.  I just want to encourage everyone I can to read a book, find enjoyment and then pass it onto someone else.
I have been having day dreams about people on a plane, a bus or even a train reading one of my books and when they have completed it, they pass it to a complete stranger in the next aisle for them to enjoy. People finding one of my books left on a bench seat in a park. I have thought about putting some of my books into medical waiting rooms in the hope someone will take it home and forget their health concerns for a few hours and be transported to an imaginary world. The day dreams have been taking over all of my thoughts today. Very little else is getting done on my  “to do list”.
I decided this morning to get a few books and put them into a bag in the car. I had to head into town to pick up a few things. I took The Black Candle by Catherine Cookson, Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt and Read Better, Remember More by Elizabeth Chelsa. I was hoping that an opportunity of some sort would raise itself on who I could give the books to or where I could leave them for someone to pick up.

I am trying to remain as anonymous as possible at present so I can't exactly just walk up to someone and hand them a book. After all I live in a country town and everyone knows everyone.  So it wouldn't take long for the rumour mill to start working.  Also I have no idea of what people's prefered taste in books is. So I just left it in the hands of fate and hoped I would find a way to distribute the books.
I am pleased to report I did.  As I headed into town I passed the local caravan park filled with tourists.  The first three caravans had people sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and reading. I had found the books destination.   I pulled the car up near the ablution blocks around the corner and collected my three books and headed for the building.  Thankfully no-one seemed to be concerned with me walking through the park.  I put the books into the laundry on the bench with notices on them that they are travelling books.  I am now day dreaming about an avid reader who is travelling Australia picking up the books, reading them on their way to their next destination and leaving them at another caravan park for someone else to enjoy.  One can only hope.
So I am now at day two of distribution and I have managed so far to get four books travelling.


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